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As a human beings, we all love to keep a pet in our house. But until and unless we are responsible enough to keep a pet it would be much better.

We should never forget that keeping up at is a very big responsibility so if we are ready to take that responsibility only then plan to keep a pet.

Pet in The House

I have a pet in my house it is a dog. His name is Bruno and he is like a family member to us now. He walks me up in the morning for a morning walk. And after that, we go for a morning walk. We love to play games in the garden.

Bruno is a smart talk he never wastes his food. Whenever we go out for any location he stays at home. And protects the whole house. Without even messing up with the house. Bruno knows very well how to keep the house neat and clean.

Eating Habits

Let’s have different kinds of eating habits some like sweet and some like spicy. Well don’t know loves to eat spicy food and we make the food a bit spicy for him. Bruno loves to eat spicy food and If the phone is less spicy he denies to eat the food.

Bruno loves to eat chicken at a single time he can eat at least two chicken in his mail. When we bought Bruno at home for the first time the first thing he ate was a chicken.

Bruno loves the chicken which I make for him. And just by smelling the chicken made by me Bruno can come from anywhere of the world.

First day of Bruno in the House

It was dam tough to communicate with Bruno. I think there was homesickness to him and then I can understand that leaving the old house and shifting to the new house is a very big step to be taken. And being an animal nobody even asked them what do they want to shift or not.

Leaving the whole family behind with whom he grew up was a tough call for Bruno. And even the first day with me was the toughest day to interact with Bruno. I have no idea how to manage Bruno but slowly and study leave we both understood how to manage each other.

Walk With Bruno

Before Bruno came into my life I was a very lazy person. I was really lazy to even buy the food for myself? But after Bruno came into my life I felt responsible for at least Bruno. Because of Bruno, I started the morning walk and sometimes even the evening walk too.

I feel so refreshed after the walk. And even Bruno loves to go for a walk in the evening. I never forget to bring his food and simultaneously I also remember to bring food for myself. I don’t know how these changes came into my life but today I am happy with my pet Bruno.

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Updated: January 14, 2020 — 12:03 pm

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