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There are many sports that have been played by many people such as cricket football hockey volleyball and such indoor games like chess carrom and many other games but from all these games I like to play badminton.

Badminton is a sport which is played at National and international level and also it can be played at the high school level. In this game of badminton, it is played by two or more players opposite one another.

In this game there are two forms in which it is played between one vs one and another is played between two versus two it is termed as singles and doubles.

To play badminton a player needs a racket and a shuttlecock. There is a net in between the players of the two teams through which the players have to shuttle the cock above the net through their racket.

In the past this game of badminton is developed in India when the Britishers were ruling India in the 19th century the Britishers started to play this game with a wooden ball and later the shuttlecock has been introduced to play badminton.

They were playing with their own rule which they have made but the badminton which is played nowadays has many rules newly introduced.

Rules of Badminton.

Badminton is played in a rectangular court and a net is in between the court there are two teams each team has to serve shuttlecock through their racket to another part of the court.

The width of the court isĀ  6.1 pts and the length of the court is 13.4 mats. When a player served the shuttlecock the shuttlecock should go to another court by passing above the middle net of the court or it will say as a fault serve.

This Badminton game is nearly the same as a Tennis but instead of a ball, a shuttlecock is used in badminton.

But the rules of the Tennis and badminton are much different. There is a 15 point game in best of 3 formats. Its also stated that the winner of the previous match should get to serve first.

To play a Badminton game a racket is required, this badminton racket is made up of carbon fiber materials.

To the racket, there is a grip downside which helps the player to hold the racket easily and grip it easily and to serve the shuttlecock.

The shuttlecock is made up of a fine leather of synthetic material. Shuttlecock material is also being tested before playing its speed and shorts are noted.

Terms of Badminton.

Badminton is such a game which is needed skill and talent both at the right time and there are many tricks in badminton that a player must know such as the forehand and the backhand technique are the main techniques the players should know to win a game.

These two techniques of badminton are helpful to defeat opposition team very easily.

Another technique of badminton is smashed technique, the players smash the shuttlecock towards the opponent team and it is very hard to defend a smashed shot.

If a player is good at playing this all techniques properly he could defeat any player easily.

There are also many leagues and tournaments that have been organized for badminton and Indian women and men are also playing in badminton from Indian women Saina Nehwal has made her name in badminton she had made India proud by winning many trophies for India.

This game badminton is growing day by day all over the world and its many leagues and tournaments are played all over the world.

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