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Talking about my country India, we have so many different things to talk about my country and you will be even interested to know about. The most important country in the world, how this country came out of the British rule, how the country is getting developed so efficiently, there are so many questions which we will be answering in this topic.

Independence of India

India got its independence after 200 years in the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi which is also known as Bapu. Well Bapu means father and he is also known as father of the nation just because of his sacrifices today are breathing in this independent. On 15 August 1947 India got its independence and since then India is a democratic country.

Famous for the Food

Well India is famous for many things but the most important thing is India’s relations and spicy food all over the world. India is the spiciest country who makes the spiciest food.

Even the people who come from different countries love to taste the Indian spices because it is just not the only spices which are present in the phone there is so much of love given by the food to the tourist.

Travelling Places

India has so many travelling places which we can’t even imagine you just see the name you will get it in India you want beautiful beaches you can go to goa you want to see any wonder of the world you can go to Agra to watch Taj Mahal you want to see the snowfall you can go to Jammu and Kashmir India I said once shop store where you can get all this travelling places In a very cheap price.

India has a very good amount of tourism because it is just not place you are coming to visit the people of India also are very lovely to the tourist and always there to help them out from any kind of situations even the government make sure that the tourist which is in India do not get any kind of difficulties and have fun in their vacations.

Brands in India

We know that India is one of the most populated country. What do you think all the Indians are using the cheapest quality materials well you are wrong because India is one of the finest country which has almost all the brands in it.

You can ask any brand you will find in India and most of the people don’t even know that so many international brands which they use are made in India.

Rich People in India

After speaking about the population and the democracy in India we should also see that how many rich people do India on the bike and say how many successful people in India when looking at the graph.

We all know that most fascinating companies have their CEO as the Indian we don’t have to search for much we can just check it on Google because the CEO of Google is an Indian.

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