Multiculturalism Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Multiculturalism is a word which means that following various cultures and also following cultures of mostly all races and all peoples the best example of the multiculturalism is the nation of India where there are a people of various culture living together with, and peace and harmony and they also have a strong Brotherhood in between them.

Multiculturalism is observed in a place where people of different religion interact with each other together at the same time and do not have any problem with each other, and they only believe in one religion that is the religion of humanity and provides a great measure to the multiculturalism.

Wisdom multiculturalism in India that are various languages spoken in India but there is one common language spoken in India which is a Hindi, and it is accepted mostly in every part of India and everyone knows it’s used and best example of multiculturalism.


Multiculturalism has a huge hand in the development of the country, and a better approach of education as people of different religion come together and teach the small students, and also the small students learn everything from their friends which are of different religion.

Is there is a variety in the religion there is also the variety of information present in the form of education for the small children and they also learn every tradition in the school due to multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism also gives an opportunity of getting employed as people of different religion is employed in a same office or a business place where they interact with each other and do very good work in a team, as in a team there are people of different religions and different background they have different ideas come together and find unique idea.

Multiculturalism also provides skilled labor as people from different religion have their different skills and talents in which they come together and polished the Talent with each other and invent very new things.


There are various disadvantages of multiculturalism as people of different religion find very hard to understand the knowledge provided in the school as the medium of instruction is different, but they manage to get the education from an English Medium School.

It is not that multiculturalism always plays a vital role in the peace but sometimes the multiculturalism finds and the way to a fight between each other when the people who used to live like Brothers in any society they start fighting with each other by religion and their culture.

They use disadvantage of multiculturalism that there are some people who don’t like another religion and they start fighting with them because they don’t belong to their religion and just disturb the whole life and just argue every day with them.


India is the best example of multiculturalism at there is huge cultural diversity in India and their number of people belonging to different religions and have different traditions in their life.

There are various people who do different works based on their culture for example that are Muslim people who follow the culture and work as a butcher, but it is not necessary that they can only be better they can do anything in the life.

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