Essay On Moral Values For Students & Children In Simple English


Moral values are the values which are a state of good behavior and which we learn from our parents and which are also known as Sanskar in Hindi.

There are various moral values given by our parents to us when we were small children they used to thought as various moral values, and also various think that what is right and what is wrong and what should we do.

The moral values consist of various factors like how to respect other people’s, and also we should help everyone, and we should not have and feel of jealousy towards any other person rather than we should love everyone and also love their work and never feel jealous of any other person.

But nowadays the moral values are getting degraded as a small children do not follow the moral values provided by their parents rather than they do opposite of the values they have learnt did not respect elder people, the moral values in the modern people are getting very low as did not only disrespect the individuals for elder than them but they also do not help anyone rather than they increase their problem by various means and methods.


There is a huge importance of moral values, and we should learn the good moral values, for example, we should start loving everyone rather than having a feeling of Enemy on everyone and doing bad things with another person and we should also respect the individuals who are older than the US and also to the individuals who are younger than us because when we respect each other we gain some respect in the view of that person.

The moral values also help in making our future better as when we create a good relationship with each and other everyone helps us in making our future better and also show us the various way of developing a future and doing hard work for the better life.

Moral values are very important to maintain the relationship between the individual as when you show good moral values to them they do not let the relationship to break rather than it becomes more strong and no one can break it.

Moral values also help us in differentiating between what is the good thing and what is the wrong thing as a parent has thought as we should not do anything wrong rather than we should decide what is right and what is wrong and do the right thing.


Moral value plays and vital role in the development of individual life as it teach him various lives of the lesson and also various models of the life who help him in making better decisions and becoming a better person in their life.

The moral values also give us various happiness is when we are happy to other people they also help in making our life happy, and they also give you very good confidence and a good feeling of satisfaction as you have done nothing wrong rather than you have done hard work and now you can have a rest.

Moral values are the values thought by the parents and teachers and also by our family which she shapes our life and also shapes our personality.

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Updated: December 26, 2018 — 10:21 am

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