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Mobile phones are the electronic gadget that every people used in their daily life and it has become a habit for many people. As becoming a habit of the people mobile phone is very useful in all the things in today’s world.

Mostly the invention of the mobile phone is being done in the 20th century and before it there were telephones landline which are used for the communication between one another and the invention of a mobile phone is done because people are getting very hard to travel by land lines as they cannot take telephone landlines with them and because of this problem mobile phones as a small gadget was invented by which people can take it anywhere at any time and can communicate with other people.

Every people use a mobile phone in this 20th century as it has become a need not only it can communicate with one another but also be useful for many things such as sharing thoughts and views messaging and also clicking photos and also there are many things that can do by a small mobile phone.

Mobile Phones For Students.

As all the people are using the mobile phones and because of this the small children are also getting the habit of using the mobile phone and nowadays children know all the things and know how to operate the mobile phone easily.

By using a mobile phone students can have also advantages such as they can transfer answers questions and every study needed materials through mobile phones by clicking pictures within a second there are many apps that are being developed to transfer such things within a second and it is also very useful for the students.

The student should have mobile with them in this century as it could help them in all the things as there is network providing things by which students can able to search anything informative and get it easily by the mobile phone. To ask things or to need any help they can easily communicate with each other and could be able to know all the things.

As the mobile phone is an informative thing and useful thing for the students the students should know how to use it properly.

When the student gets stressed or they need some rest the mobile phone can help them to entertain with the help of Music and many more applications. So we can say that the phone is very useful in the student’s life.

Disadvantages Of Having Mobile Phones.

As we say that the mobile phone is very useful for the student’s life but it has also many disadvantages. Mobile phones should be used when there is a need for it, we should not use it continuously as it could be the harmful thing for us.

Because of smartphones, children like to play and use only this phones, so they stop playing outdoor  games and sit at home and play only on their phone, makes them lazy.

Because all students having mobile they cannot focus on their studies and for this they should only know how to use mobile phones and at which time there is need of a phone. It is a useful thing for us but as well as using it could also cause us many harmful effects on our future world also.

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