Mobile Phone Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


The word mobile phone is a combination of two words which are mobile and phones, in which a phone is an electronic device which is used for communication purpose, and the word mobile means the possibility of the device so that it can be taken from one place to another place easily.

Nowadays mobile phones are so much small that they can be easily taken in the palm of your hand and also they are very less in their weight. Nowadays mobile phones are like oxygen for the people as they used mobile phones for doing each and everything in their life.

After the growing the use of the internet, the mobile phones have become a boon to everyone as they can be used to do anything like booking tickets or video calling and various other important things.

There is also nowadays online shopping which can be done using the phone in which you sit at home and just order anything from the internet, and it comes to your home in a few time.


The mobile phone is very useful, and they have a great hand in the development of the human society and also the development of the various businesses available around us. Mobile phones keypad connected to the people around every corner of the earth and we can talk to them at any time to them.

Nowadays mobile has given a chance for people to earn from various means by investing money in the shares to the money or e-trading also known as electronic trading.

The mobile phones can also be used for the educational purpose in which the students search information of any subject on the Internet, and they get whole information about that, and also sometimes they get various other information like general knowledge which increases the IQ.

The major application of mobile phones is the entertainment in which the people used phones for watching the movie of videos are playing songs on their phones. Nowadays the mobile phones are everything they have a Flashlight which can be used as a torch and have a camera to record videos and click pictures and also there is GPS use can be used for getting your location and also for navigation.


Which so many advantages of phones that are also a list of disadvantages. The main disadvantages of mobile phones are that it creates radiation which is very bad for health and also using the phone for full time makes your eyes stressed and also creates a state of nausea which is very bad. Mobile phones are a distraction for the students studying as they left their studies and used as the mobile phone for their entertainment.

As mobile is the greatest distraction many peoples have been destructed which has caused the dangerous situation like people using the phone while driving the car might go through and dangerous accident which can enjoy them or can lose their life in that accident.

As mobile phones are the very good source of communication but it also degrades the standard of communication as the face to face communication is better as we know the body language of the person why communication but it is impossible on the phone to know the body language of a person while getting communicated using the phone.

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