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Everyone uses a mobile phone it would be the latest technology or the oldest technology but the mobile phone is something which everyone carries right now in the whole world. And it never matters that the mobile phone belongs to you or not but to communicate with each other you carry a mobile phone but yourself.

An Old Age People

If we talk about the old age people they are carrying the mobile phone just to communicate with their friends and family members. Most of the people in this age don’t even know the functions which they has mobile app in it. The mobile has so many different and unique functions which they are not even aware of.

Their main concern to use the mobile phone is just for calling. There are people who don’t even know how to save the contact number in the mobile phone but then too they are using an iOS device just for the show off but they don’t even understand a single thing about it the usage of the phone for them is to pick up the call and disconnect the call.

Youngsters With Mobile Phone

All the youngsters nowadays have the best smart phone in their hands whatever happens they don’t even forget the smartphone for a single minute and they have all the knowledge to use that smartphone. And they even make sure that the functions which they don’t have in their phone should be getting upgraded by the time and if the upgrade is not sufficient for the mobile phone they don’t even think twice to change their mobile phones.

The youngsters are very much familiar with the mobile phone but not comfortable in social life, they have so many friends so many followers in the mobile phone but in the reality they are lonely and upset just because they are more active on the mobile rather being more active in their social areas.

This is something a problem which is taking a huge amount of youngsters into depression and stress so if you are one of those you should avoid getting depressed and stressed because of this activities. Stop making your most of the time on mobile phone rather use it to explore yourself.

Kids With Mobile Phone

Nowadays even the kids who are not even completed age of 18 are having their own smart phones in their hands. Well it is not wrong to have a smart phone but it is wrong when it comes to their social life they are getting so much attracted towards the mobile phone that they are forgetting about the fun they used to get before the mobile phone arise.

Nowadays the kids play games on the mobile phone using a common server which was created by them but they have stop running in the compound, this is something bad which is happening right now with the whole generation of kids.

Before mobile they used to play with their friends and run here and there and even if they want to reach to any of their friends they have to walk all the way to their house to have a small communication that was beneficial because while doing all this things they were very active and even healthier.

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