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A man is a person who lives on the land and has a specific anatomy like they have special body structure like to pairs of hand and two pairs of legs which they used for moving from one place to another and also they use this part to do various works of the life. A man is a person who has the stronger power than the woman and the ability to do anything and also it is seen that humans are not from earth but they have the mental ability to do anything. It is seen that men are very sharp minded and they do a various thing in the life to enjoy the life.

Oman is an individual who works for his family and also for himself from which he gathers various daily needs of his life so that they can live a peaceful life. It was saying that in the earlier life the man used to do all the work outside the house and women used to do all the work inside the house but nowadays the generation has changed and both of them are working for the development of the country and also to and daily need for them which releases various burden on them.


There are various types of men some are helpful and some are not helping the man who is helping the help each and every individual and they also help you in every problem in your life and they are a good man on whom you can depend for anything.

But there are some men who are not helpful they are just for the namesake but they do not help you rather than they increase your problem by the activity and they just hurt you by various things.

There are also men who are polite and gentle who show a kindness towards you and also talk to you in a polite manner and in a nice body language and also which makes you feel special in his life.

There are some men who are very angry and take their women’s as granted and use them just for hurting them by showing their anger in various ways and never make their women’s happy by taking them to in a happy mood whether they only have the mood of anger every time.

There is some type of men who are really very good persons who helped you each and every time and show kindness towards you and they are also very polite in talking and they are also very responsible in getting the responsibility of the family.


A man is a very important individual on earth as he has the ability to do various hard things which are not possible by any other individual and they also do the various thing for the development of the country and also they develop their own family through various means and methods.

Men are also very important individual in our house as they are the person who carries out various responsibilities and also completes the responsibilities by doing hard work outside the house and also earns money so that the life becomes easy for us and has an great importance for the people in a family.

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