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The Lohri festival is celebrated by the Punjabi, and it is and Punjabi festival in India. There are various stories behind celebrating the Lori, but it is done or celebrated as the harvesting is done and it starts for the new year to them as the new will be grown after that and it is also celebrated as the hard work they did in their previous farming. There are also various traditions and rituals attached to the Lohri celebration.

The festival of Lohri is celebrated on the days of winter when the days are short and night are longer and before the harvesting of the main crop the wheat which is grown in October and needs to be harvested till the start of April.

To celebrate Lohri everyone come together and they burn a bonfire in which they sit around the Bonfire and do various singing and dancing.

The festival of Lohri has various significance in the life of Punjabi people as they find out this day as a day of relief and they have to start the hard work from tomorrow for harvesting the wheat farm and have to start new farming after that.


The celebration of Lohri is very traditional as before the people used to come together at a place and used to Bonfire and sit beside it and have various talk to each other and also share various information to each other and enjoy the bonfire.

During the festival of Lohri people sing songs and dance around the Bonfire with each other, and they also used to enjoy the Bonfire. During the festival of Lohri people give everyone the ghazal and various things like groundnuts cons and various other things to each other as to share their love.

During the festival of Lohri, everyone wears that traditional dresses and they have a special musical instrument known as Dhol which is bitted why celebrating Lohri around the bonfire, and the most famous dance form is done by the Punjabi people known as Bhangra.


According to the history the festival of Lohri is celebrated to pay and tribute to the Dulla Bhatti who was like a Robin Hood who used to steal the money from the Richa people who use to use the poor people for earning and used to share all the stolen money to the poor people which made the life easy, the Dulha Batti used to help the girls who were in problems are the girls who have been kidnapped he used to save them and also used to solve various problem of the girls. So it is said that the festival of Lohri is celebrated Pal Punjabi people to praise his work of helping everyone.

Modern Lohri

Nowadays as pollution has increased the Punjabi people are more conscious for the protection of the environment, so they do not cut trees for burning the Bonfire rather than day plants and trees and they don’t give Gazak rather than the chocolate or chocolate gajak with each other so eat does not create pollution.

But if there is no Bonfire then also people come together for celebrating the festival of Lohri in India with great joy and various performance like dancing and singing and the most cultural dance of Punjabi the Bhangra dance.

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