Essay On Life For Students & Children In Simple English

The life is the most beautiful thing that has been gifted to us by the God and we should thank god for gifting a life to us.

Life is a very much beautiful thing that has many interesting things in it and also there are some problems that are in our life.

Life of a person is not too easy as there are also many challenges throughout his life that he has to face different challenges although his life as in every part of his life he or she has to face some of the challenges and to go further in their life.

Every person are equal when they are born they are not rich or poor but when they grow up they take some life lessons and in that they had to decide their own path in life.

Difficulties In Life


As it said that life is not a bed of roses as there are many ups and downs are there in a life and in every up and down a person should be able to face the situation properly.

As an example of a difficult life can be said as when a student has been failed for getting good grades or fail in his exam many people thought of committing suicide as that it is not a way of ending our life he should be able to face the situation that he has come upon it as life is a precious thing for everyone.

When a person gets the good grade in his career he should be able to be happy and to move on for the other opportunity that he can get in his life as life is a thing that teaches us everything and when we move a step ahead in life we conquer some little things in our life.

There should be a proper goal and target should be set by everyone to achieve success in his life as it could be helpful to live his life peacefully and to work on his goals.

Always think positive as our thinking should be positive as because of a positive attitude in the life the person can achieve anything and a negative thought are always put down by the people.

We should always do the proper things in our life and do not listen to the other people thoughts as our life is a responsibility of us and we should able to handle it.

Life-A Valuable Thing

Life is the very much precious thing for us as it gives many challenges for us but we should able to face it and never get back down by it.

There are many people who are not able to succeed in their life during their childhood when they failed a lot of people thought of committing suicide but they never try it and tried to get more things in their life and now these people succeed and a bigger people in their life as they take life as a challenge there are many people who can inspire us by their success and we should take the thoughts from them and also never back down by it and work on to improve our lives for a better future.

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