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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by hearing this name what does the first thing comes in your mind is he was our first prime minister of India. He used to love children’s from more than anything that is the reason on his birth which is on 14th of November 1889 is celebrated as the children day. He was born in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh.

Qualification of Jawaharlal Nehru

The name of the father of Jawaharlal Nehru is Motilal Nehru who was a promoted lawyer. He got his most of the education at home. However he went to England to get the highest studies and return Back to India in 1912 to make sure that whatever he has learned can be utilised in his own country.

After coming back to India he started his work as a lawyer in the membranes of his father. Later on he noticed that becoming a lawyer is not enough to serve his country, so he joined the freedom movement with Mahatma Gandhi who was already fighting for the freedom of India.

Fight For his Country

After joining the freedom fighting community of Mahatma Gandhi he dedicated his whole life to the freedom of India. He worked day and night just to accomplish the task of the given leader for him who was Mahatma Gandhi. He never cross questioned him for what he was doing because he has full faith in Mahatma Gandhi that he will do whatever is right for the nation.

The Fight for India

He always thought that after completing his studies he will serve to his country he never asked for anything extra in front of the country.

He always make sure that whatever he gets it will be for his country, that is the reason he fought for his country on sitting with the freedom fighter we all known as Mahatma Gandhi. He was the person who was trusted By Mahatma Gandhi to be the first prime minister of India.

After Becoming the First Prime Minister of India

After becoming the first prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru started many different program in India. So that the Indian population can be managed.

After the Britishers who went from India there were still the people who were under tremendous pressure of work because of lack of knowledge and job opportunities.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru started all the facilities that the people of this nation get. The opportunities to be a developed person and in the guidance of a great leader like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru it was very easy to start working on the betterment of the country.

Love Towards Child

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru used to love children’s very much. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru used to always make sure that the children’s of any locality or any place in India are treated as well as they can.

Because his thinking was if we keep our children’s healthy and happy over future is in a good hands. So on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 14th November it is also celebrated as children’s day.

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