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The word Indo us relation refers to the relationship between the nation India and the nation United States.

The Indo us relation consists of various foreign policy for the peace between other Nations and also for the security of India.

The Indo us relation is very important and plays a vital role in helping the development of each other. The Indo us relation is better nowadays and they are becoming best after and after.

But before independence, there used to be a lot of conflicts between India and the US but later Indo us relations were developed.

There are various problems in maintaining the relation between India and the US but every possible thing is done for maintaining a proper relation between India and the US.


There was a presence of a relation between India and US before the Independence but the formal and official relation between India and US started after the Independence.

The relation between India and the US was very less during British rule. In the year of 1784, we visited Pondicherry and also send Hydra and Grand Trunk to India.

But during the movement of independence in India, the United State gives strong support to India Indifference to the British Empire.

The World War II also has a major part in developing the Indo us relation as during that time many soldiers from America came to India and bring various advanced technology and money and the left in 1945.

In the year 1942, the Indian National Congress launched a Quit India Movement authority were arrested and also about 10000 of activist were arrested. Also, Jawaharlal Nehru policy of neutrality was a worthy policy to many American observers.


The Indo US relationship has agreed on effect on the increasing economy of both the countries. The United States is the largest direct investor of India.

From the year of 1991 to the year of 2004, the stock of FDI has increased with a rate of 57.5% annually until now it has raised to $4.13 billion.

The United States is the second largest trading partner of India and also India is the 9th largest trading partner.

There is also a good rate of import and export between India and US in the year of 2015 there was a total import of $44.8 billion and an export of $21.5 billion.

The common items imported are it service, textiles, gems, machinery and also various elements like chemical, iron etc


There is various recent development which has improved the Indo our relations. There were various policies pursued by the Indian government like liberalization you are welcome by the American establishments.

The Indo us military exercises like sharing of arms and ammunition have given a boost to the Indo US relationship which also gives an opportunity of trading between each other.

In this relation, there is also cooperation on the energy sector in which the things providing energy like fuel energy and various other types are imported and exported between each other.

All these things have not only developed the Indo us relation but also have made them stronger than before.

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