Essay On Indian Politics For Students & Children In Simple English

The politics in India mainly refers to the activities of political parties associated with the government and the administration of our India at every level that is in the national state district and also in the panchayat level as well. The politics are not only done in India it is also done in different countries as well as to elect a politician to govern the country as a politician is a person who is professionally involved in politics as he has the good influence over the general people.

Politics is an art of technique of government as every Idea has an intention and similarly, political Idea also has the intention for implementation but in India people see this with a negative mindset as the people here thinks that the politician that they elect are only corrupt and they did not care for their country’s development. It includes the activities to stay in power to influence the government policies and also includes the law-making policies and procedure.

The History Of Indian Politics

The politics of our India has been started a way back when there is a control of Britishers in India and when we get freedom from them people elect a person who could able to rule our country and this idea is been stated by Mahatma Gandhi as he said that politics can give us ethics and principles to the people. To bring all the country equal and United a politician is elected and to listen to all the problems of the people and to work on it no religious matters should be included in the politics were the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi.

To elect a politician there is an election process that is done in India. The role of a politician is to deal with the problems that a country is facing and to solve it such as the economic problems military problems and if country is facing the problems from the other countries and to work on the strength of our country and also many things a politician has to deal with it to develop our country and to provide and protect our country from all the national problems.

He should do all the things for the growth of our country and so because of this if he is an honest politician so people should support him. There are many problems such as the corruption problem ethnic problems and many of these a politician should work on it and bring communal harmony among the people.

A True Politician

A true politician is he who works for the country’s development as introducing many public welfare schemes introduced many education systems provide food and house for the people they should try to build confidence among the people by doing some good work and to elect again he should bring some trustworthy among the people and show his good qualities to them and so because of this people would like him and elect him as  their politician.

With a true politician there are also many political parties who are unpopular and do not do anything for the development of our country and India they disappoint people and so because of this political parties people remove the interest from the politics and they do not elect a perfect politician to rule the democracy and to bring a proper balance of our country.

The elected politician should do a good amount of work and respect the people and provide many things for the people and so because of his work people would think and elect a great representative for them who could listen to all the problems of the people and to work on it.

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