Essay On India Diversity Is Our Strength For Students & Children In Simple English

India is a country where all the people live together for many of the years from the past it is an old civilization in the world as all the group lives together for almost many years and it is a diverse country where all the people speak many different languages.

Not only the difference in the languages but there are also many different religion cultures tradition and all the religion and culture have the different types, and all have their different choices.

The people in India respect each other as they live together they have brotherhood in them, and all the people as they are joined together by one faith of brotherhood and unity in diversity has been a great word for our nation that joined people together in one bond of humanity.

There are many examples our nation has been set for the brotherhood and unity amongst them.

Unity In India

As India is a united and secular country and for the freedom of our country from the Britishers in the past there are many freedom fighters who struggle for our freedom and also the freedom fighters does not see that he isĀ  from other religion they all together come with brotherhood and fought with the Britishers as a one Indian nation.

And it is a great example for our united India from the past as it has spread a strong message on the people.

There are many different cultures in India and also the culture has several different types of radiation in everything such as in Hindus and Muslims the people pray and worship are different kinds and also the of clothing and celebrating their festivals are also different and also the festivals of these people are also differ, but all people come together and celebrate all the festival with each other as a united country and the united people of India.

Unity in diversity promotes the spirit of harmony and brotherhood among the people. All the cultures have different types of languages their foods are also different, and in all the different cultures the things that they celebrate are very beautiful to see in India, and also these things are appreciated by the people outside our India, and they visit our India to see our different culture.

Importance Of Unity In Diversity


When a country is united like India, it helps the people to live in the country and to work and organized and do all the things equally and with altogether as it improves the performance of the people and lifestyle of the people also gets improved.

It makes communication with the people and all the people could able to help the other people in any bad situation as it keeps away from the social problems and helps to manage any conflicts easily.

When a country is united there are also many disadvantages that a country face such as it can give rise to the corruption and illiteracy in many of the areas as the country is very populated.

But by all these problems people solving it and there are many organisations that are held for the people to make their problems get solved and when all the people come together and fight against this problem of country and then it is united and India is one of the countries which is united and unity in diversity is the real prosperity of India and the way to progress it in the future and the present.

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