Essay On Importance Of Organ Donation For Students & Children In Simple English

Organ donation is the transferring of the organs from the body of one person into the body of another person. This organ donation is the process which is done by the process called transplantation.

Organ donation is done when there is a need for an organ in one person body so the other person should be able to give its organ to the person who is in need of it.

Not all organs could be get transferred into the body organs that can be transplanted are the heart Kidneys liver lungs pancreas intestine skin and thymus.

The tissues are also can be able to transfer such as bones tenders corneas heart valves, and veins could be able to transfer from one person body to another.

Mostly the organ kidney is the organ which is commonly transplanted, and after that, the liver and heart are translated mostly.

And in tissue transplantation, the bones and muscles are the most commonly transplanted tissues. If there is a need for an organ for some people and we can donate so, we should donate the organ.

The Process Of Organ Donation

This process of organ donation is a legal process, and it is usually done when the people are dead, and the gift of organs for the living donors are also done, but for this, there are many tests of the people are done to see that their organs are capable of donating or not.

The people who are in need of organ and the people who give his organ are called on the same day, and many of the major surgeries are done in the hospital for the transplantation of organs.

For the donation of the organs, the person should not have any kind of disease as a diseased person cannot be able to donate its organ or the dead person whose organs are donating if he is diseased so he won’t be able to donate the organs.

There are many medical tests that are being done to find a perfect match recipient. In these process, the donors and their families are not charged for any expenses related to the donation.

Transplanted as Quickly as Possible

When the organ has been removed from the donor’s body organs should be transplanted as quickly as possible to the recipient and should be given immediate transplantation as most of the organs could only survive for few hours outside the body so that there should be the quick process for the transplantation.

The first living organ Donor in a successful transplant was done in the year 1931 who donated a kidney.

This first transplantation was done very quickly, and the operation was done with the great surgeon and this surgeon was awarded the Nobel Prize for his quick process of transplantation. And after that many donations of organ transplantation that has been done and it has saved much life of the people.

But in today’s time this process of organ donation are also been done in the illegal processes people take more amount of money from the recipients and who wants organ and many doctors are corrupt as they remove the organ from the body of a patient and without their permission and because of this that has been many illegal processes that have been done in this organ transplantation.

This organ transplantation process has been great research that has been founded by the medical science as because of this many people could get survive, but it should not be used illegally.

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