Importance of Mother Tongue

Importance of Mother Tongue in Education For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Mother tongue is something we call as our first language. Every person or human being as it’s my mother tongue which he uses to communicate with his friends and family. Most of the time the mother tongue People learn from their home.

If a person is Hindu he speaks Hindi in his house, if a person is Gujarati he speaks Gujarati in this house. Simultaneously all the cast has their own mother tongue which helps them to communicate with each other.

Medium to Express and Communication

Mother tongue always helps a person to communicate in his locality so that he or she can communicate in a far better way with their normal people or we can call – surrounded by most of the people. In India prefer to talk in Hindi which is also their mother tongue.

Formation of a Social Groups  

Most of the time people of their cast are surrounded by their own people they try to socialize into their own cast peoples. For example, if a person is South Indian he would always like to be surrounded by the South Indian peoples which is kind of place where he is surrounded by his own people. This is the way a mother tongue helps us if we are far away from our home.

Easy to Learn

Every person who lives in a particular state, for example, if a person lives in Maharashtra he needs to learn Marathi to communicate with the local authorities. Know if we see a child who is not a Maharashtrian who does not speak Marathi in his house faces most of the problem to learn Marathi.

Because it is the language and language can be done only by speaking with someone who knows it this is a plus point for all the children’s Whose mother tongue is Marathi, it always helps them to communicate with everyone without having any issues.

Best Way to Understand The Knowledge

Imagine if someone wants to understand a very complicated answer which has so many different types of words and meanings into them how it will be easy to understand for a person? Well, he can just do one thing he can translate it into his own mother tongue and understand it very well because he knows about his own mother tongue which is the key to understand easily.

Source of Ideas

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If a person is thinking about something which is totally new to the world, what will be the language he will prefer to express his emotions and dedication to the audience no doubt he will always try to communicate with his own mother tongue because that is the only thing which makes him feel comfort table with it.

So any new idea which arises in the mind of a person will always keep looking to express it in his own mother tongue even if he wants to learn something new about it he would try to prefer a teacher who is able to explain him all the fundamentals in his own mother tongue.

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