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Library is the place where you will find lots of different types of books. In very college and schools there is personal library and in every village or in a city you will get a common library which is provided by the government.

What is Library?

Library is the place where you will find different types of books at a one place. Here you cannot buy any book like a shop, you have to come to the library and then you can read any book without paying for it.

Library also provide one facility in which you can take those books at your place but for this you just have to give small amount to take membership of library. Yes you can take it at home but it will for the particular days like 6-7 days. And if you want extend that duration then you again come to library to take permission.

Schools and College Libraries

These libraries are the personal libraries where only schools or colleges students has permission to access. Here students get most of different types or educational books and also their study courses books which they will not get in the public libraries.

In this type of library student come to do studies also and also they reads the books. And to enter or to take the book at home they has given a library card for the individual from the college or schools. For every transaction they have to mention on their library card by the librarians.

Rules of Library

Four open books in the colored cover on the table made of boards.A stack of books in the colored covers on the table with a red tablecloth. Still life with books.

Every library has the rules and regulations and those are same and applied for in the all libraries. Let’s see the rules which are there in the every library.

  1. First and most important rule is, you have to keep silence in the library. Because there many other who are there to read books and they should not disturb because of you.
  2. You can take one book at a time.
  3. If you want to take book at your place then you have to take membership of the library by paying small amount of money.
  4. You have to return the book in the given period of time. If you unable to give it back in the given time then you have to pay charges.
  5. You have to return a book in the same condition in which you get it. If the book you have with you is get lost or it get damage somehow then you have to pay for it.

Facilities Provided by the Library

Library is the place where you will get many facilities like you can take any book to read. There is no time limit to sit and read the books in the library until it get close.

You don’t have to pay for any books to read it. Library never say no to come into. You can take those book by just paying small amount of money where as you have to pay big amount to purchase one book from the shop.

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