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Well, we all know the importance of language. we can think about any language for example if we talk about the importance of English language nowadays in India there are more than 75% of people who speaks English to communicate with each other. It is a very good amount of people who are having a very improved way to get communicate with each other.

Importance of English

If we see the English language which we use in our day to day life is very officiant to communicate with a different type of people, we don’t even need to think twice before speaking English because it is a universal language which makes sure that we connect to each other. Nowadays even the little children’s can understand English in a very efficient way because the parents and teachers are giving them the knowledge of English.

Let’s Take Internet Language

Well as the rapid growth of the Internet in our day to day routine is too much. We also should understand that even the Internet has a different kind of language which is used to give him the proper way to execute the language which the Internet understands is the binary language which consists of only zeros and ones.

This helps the computer to understand what actually the user wants from it. Once the user has given him the exact ones and zeros the computer system can do anything for them this is the way the computer has its own language.

Traveling Communication

Once we understand the communication to another person we can travel all over the world because if a person can communicate with any other person he can go anywhere in the world.

Let’s just have an example if we stay in Mumbai and we went to the US now after going from Mumbai India to the United States of America how a person will communicate to their citizens they will speak English with them and get the communication done with each other.

Business Language

If we try to understand what is this business language I would like to tell you a simple example of it have you ever seen any business mail to your account? No, well that’s okay I will explain to you what is a business language communication.

In this communication everything is straightforward and all the points are given equal importance in a simple way and it is easy to understand and have very important information for the sender. This is something which we all should understand and make sure that we use this kind of email tricks.

College Student Communication in Their own Languages

After getting into the college students are very afraid of getting communicated is because every student has their own mother tongue which they speak with their friends in their school times but after coming to the college where different type of students meets each other.

There is the time when you need to understand what kind of language communication you need to do with each other most probably students prefer the language English to communicate with each other.

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