Essay On Importance Of Games For Students & Children In Simple English

Games are the very much important aspect in everyone’s life as it is the thing by playing it all time a person would be able to keep himself fit and healthy.

By playing game it can give some change in a person’s life as when a person is not playing game and doing his work all the day and by playing some games he can be able to get change in his life as he can get entertainment by playing game it is an entertainment for the people for free their mind and also they can do the physical activity by playing game.

There are different types of games which can gives us energy and strength and also our mental and physical growth increases when we play games, and also we can learn many things from it as there are different types of games that are being played and the rules of the game teaches us that we should follow the right things on our part and never cheat.

Games An Important Part In Everyone Life

By playing games it can also teach us the life lessons like it can give us the team spirit lessons and the friendliness and because of this our mind become tough and we could be able to stick on a right decision all the time and also there are many games by which they give us confidence and games and life are mostly related to each other.

There are many types of games like cricket football Kabaddi and many games, and these are played outdoor games, and also there are many indoor games like chess carrom that are played at home.

The indoor games like chess give us the knowledge and also teaches us many things, and the outdoor game that we play like cricket and football helps our body to be fit and healthy, and every person should take out some time from their work to play games.

Games In Education

The games are important in everyone’s life while taking education it has become a great aspect for the students while playing games as rather than education and to free the mind from study students play games in school, and it helps them to free their mind and they could be able to take part in their curricular activities and their healthy body always will be fit.

The games in the school life are being taught by the teachers to their students and also the students who are weak in studies and higher in sports and games can make their career in games and their also many opportunities in sports for the students.

In the school level, students are first tested by their teachers and then send it to the higher school competitions and if they are selected their then they could be able to play for their Nation as well.

As playing for the nation could give them a very proud feeling and also they can make their careers in the games. So sports and games are a very much important aspect of every people’s life, and everyone should take some time in the life to play games.

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