Essay On Importance Of Female Education For Students And Children In Simple English

Importance Of Female Education

Female education is an important topic that is seen from the past from all over the world as the women have been seen many ups and downs in their life not only in the education system but on their whole life as they were not respected by the people and also been neglected.

In the past women are not been respected by the society, but in this present world, there are many changes that have been done by the government of all the countries for the women education as to provide a good amount of education to girls as they also have the potential in them to make their family proud.

The Female Education System In The Past In India

In the past Women’s are not been respected by the society in India and because of this the girl child is being neglected by the people and only the priority is being given to the boy child and that is why there are many female foeticides that are being done when there is a girl child is going to born and because of these there are many less number of girls that are being present in the world because of these differences that are being done between girls and boys and usually this is being done in the past and there are also many dowry systems that is being on the girls and when a girl is being married her family members have to give dowry to the boys family and because of this the girl child has become a burden to their family in the past and because of all these things they are being neglected by the people in the society in the past in India.

In the past, it is only thought that the main man of the family is a boy and he is the only person who earns for their family and women should be sitting at home. But the rules and laws from the past that is being done on the girls are being changed in this present world, and the women are also given respect as compared to the men.

Female Education In Present India

As the Government of India has been working for the Welfare of the women, and it has been done a great job for the education systems for the woman and the Government of India has also launched many organization and camps for helping the women’s and many schemes like Beti Bachao Beti badao camps are being organized by the government to provide all the things that are being needed to a girl child.

From the past the thought of India has been increased, and it has been changed the women are also given the equal respect in the society, and they are allowed to do anything in their life and so because of these our Indian women are being got the country proud and as well as their family proud and this has bought a great change in the development of the country.

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