Essay On Importance Of Family For Students & Children In Simple English


The family is a very important part of our life as without family life is nothing and incomplete without family. Our family places a very important role in the development of our life and they also help us in making decisions in our life.

The family is a system which protects us from everything and also trains how to survive in the outside world. The family also gives us various ethics and morals which we follow to become a good person and there is no one who will teach you the morals thought by a family and it is very important to have a family.

There are some people who Come away from their family in a different place in the seek of employment and their life becomes miserable as they all have to do all the work and also do the employment which makes his life full of struggle.

People living with their family will not able to think about the importance of the family but the person living alone knows the importance of living with the family and also having a good family.

Family Foundation

The family is our foundation and a great base for our life as we learn everything from our family and little from our school and friends. Our family teach us various lessons of life and also how to come out of a problem.

Family place a vital role in the development of our life and also the development of our brain because it gives us the direction and motivation of doing something good and becoming a better person and living a better life.

The family is also like a caretaker who takes your care and also trains you for the future so that you will work hard for your future by getting your education and will leave a better life in the future.

There are some people who didn’t have family and they did not get any advice so they are living a very hard life and having a crucial time because he did not have any support.

Family Support

Family is very good in supporting us in everything they support our talent and also they also give us a chance for growing a talent and also they support our decisions and make ourselves capable of taking decisions and if they find out that the decision is wrong they also tell us that what should be done rather than this decision.

The family also help us with the various problem they providers various solutions for the problems which we are facing and they also stand behind us like a wall and they help us every time whenever we need them.

Family Love

The family is a huge source of love as everyone loves the people in their family and they also spent a very good time with each other and make our day happy. The love and attention that we get from our family we cannot get it from any other place.

Family plays a vital role in making our life busy in various works like getting education doing hobby playing games due to which we do not feel lonely and also pass our day in a good way.

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