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The imaginative essay is an essay which is written by us as the creativity, and the artistic skill of imagination that we have is used in this imaginative essays. Imaginative essays are those types of essays which are not in reality as these essays are the thought of our mind that we create and write it as an essay.

To write an imaginative essay it requires different types of skills ability and preparation of our mind should be strong by this we can write an imaginative essay.

The main aim of these imaginative essays is to make the other people happy when they read our thoughts and it should be some logical and definite things should be added in our essay by this the reader would get easy to read and understand our thoughts.

Things Should Include In Our Imaginative Essay.

Imaginative essays should be in Unique and sensible and there should not be the comparison with other, and the topics on which we write should be unique and understandable to the people.

Our imaginative essay could have some inspiration, and on these, we can write our points and make our imaginative essay which can provoke the other reader to read it.

In our imaginary essay there should only be the imaginative thoughts and fantastic things should be included not any real things should be included in our imaginative essay for an example we can say that ‘if I could become someone else for a day’ it is a topic which is fantastic to read as an imaginary topic which is nothing related to real world.

There should always be a balance between realism and the fantasy. The main thing that should we include in our imaginary essay is that our essay should be fantastic but not too long it should be a short essay in which we could describe our whole thing properly as most people do not like to read long essays.

The imaginative essay should give some message to by ideas as it is not necessary to give the message in our imaginative essays, but it creates a great impression for the reader to read it when the essay contains a message in it.

Our writing should be very much proper, and it should include all the things which can express our feelings to the readers, and by this, he would be able to know our abilities.

An Imaginative Essay.

As an imaginative essay, we can write on a topic ‘if I were a millionaire.’ Many people in our country are very much poor, and middle-class people and they can not mostly think of becoming a millionaire so as an imaginative essay they can share their thoughts.

If I become a millionaire, I would like to give my money to my country and the people who are poor and cannot afford to earn and enjoy my life comfortable and luxurious.

The people who live in the villages in the main occupation of the people is agriculture, and I will offer them alone and very normal interest to enable them to purchase vector fertilizers and bitter seeds the scheme will save the villages from the village money lenders.

I will invest a good person of money in constructing a hospital with all the modern amenities. Do some charities and many things which will help to save people from the Jaws of death.

And also I can do all the things if I become a millionaire so by all these things we can express our thoughts by our imaginative essays to the people and this thoughts of our imagination sometimes create and gives a great message to the people or some people can get inspired by our thoughts, so we should always write some imaginative essay that can give messages to the world and it can give happiness to the people.

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