Illiteracy In India

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Along with the food, clothes, and shelter, another important thing proved for human survival is education. It is the only education which gives the structure to the life of a person.

The development of a nation depends upon the literacy rate of a nation. India has the highest number of Illiteracy.


When India got independence in 1947, the literacy rate was just 12%, but according to the survey made in the year 2011 it was concluded that the literacy rate become high as compared with the year 1947, it reaches to 74%.

Still, we lack the literacy rate as compared to the other nation. The male literacy rate in India is found about 82.14%, but the female rate is very poor as compared to male.

Female has only a 60% literacy rate. Citizen of India forgets that female education is very much necessary for future planning and development of the nation.

Cause Of Illiteracy

The sad story of the 21st century is that te still 74% of the total Indian population are illiterate. Some of the factors are given below which are responsible for the  illiteracy;


Poverty is the root cause of all another social issue. It is because of poverty that many people are unable to afford the load of education. Instead of sending children to the school, parents send their ward to seek a job.


Family planning is very much important for all. The increasing population causes many serious issues like unemployment, Poverty, lack of education, etc.

Lack Of School

Enough school is not available in many of the villages of India. The main reason for not having the facilities is due to lack of finance to the school management. There are many schools where the proper sanitization facilities are unavailable along with the sanitization. Also, proper student sitting facilities, food arrangement is not well.

Unqualified Staff

Many school management hires the undergraduate teacher, so as they have to pay less salary to them but these teachers are unable to provide the needed knowledge to their student, and here the student suffers a lot, they did not get the proper education.

Giving Up

Many students give up from the education when they fail in some or the other exam; it is the duty of their parents to pay attention towards the education of a child and also if their wards are failing, they should make them understand that giving up from the education is not the solution.

Impacts Of Illiteracy In India

Primarily the personal growth of an individual is stopped due to the lack of education.

There is an increase in the poverty rate because of the owner of the companies provide the job to the candidate who likes the good educational profile.

The crime rate of the nation gets high as the educated people are wiser in thought, the literate people don’t do any kind of act which cause harm to the others and nation.


The government has taken the initiative to uproot this social ill. Now every human should grasp the opportunity and make every citizen of India educated.

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