Essay On Ideal Teacher For Students & Children In Simple English

An ideal teacher is a teacher who has all the qualities and she is a combination of all the things such as a by having a good knowledge of her subject, able to manage everything as well as her classroom ,enjoys with the students and also able to handle her students properly good communication skills with the students and also for teaching style and if all these things are present in a teacher makes her an ideal teacher.

Beyond the class teacher teachers are having a very much important role in classroom as because of them the students get to know all the things and gets all the knowledge of everything they can be the mentor of the students and nurture the students as their parents nurture them as teachers are also called the second parent of children who guides them in all the things as their parents do.

In a school the role of a teacher in the life of student is very much important as a teacher helps to grow a student from small to big as she also take the responsibility for imparting some of life’s most important lessons to the students and as a role model she can be admired and can aspire her students.

Qualities Of An Ideal Teacher

A great author Henry Adams has once said that ‘a good teacher affects eternity he can never tell where his influence stops.’

As every teacher like to be a good teacher but to be a good teacher, there should be some qualities that should include in them to be a good teacher among the students her teaching jobs should be satisfied for the students and students should be able to love her teachings.

Her nature should be friendly and congenial with her students, and it is a good sign if her students can share the problem with her without afraid as it can grow a friendly atmosphere between a student and his teacher.

A better personality that attracts all the students a good communication and understanding with the students also this little and gentle things helps a teacher to be a good teacher among the students.

A good communicator that Can attract all the students and a great teacher who has all the knowledge with him can be a good teacher and also she should be able to listen to all the problems of the students and could help them.

She should be very much kind with the students, and by her nature, if the qualities are present in a teacher the students could be able to talk with her without afraid, so by this, the teacher becomes an ideal teacher in the eyes of a student.

An Ideal Teacher

Teachers day is celebrated on 5th September in India every year. It is celebrated for the respect to the teachers by their students and to create a great respect among the students the teacher should be very much friendly and her nature should be like that which Can attract all the students and could give them a proper knowledge as well and helps them to make their future bright so by this it could be helpful for the future of the students and as well as the teacher becomes an ideal teacher in the eyes of the students and the students always like to be friendly to the teacher and could be able to share all the problems too with them.

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