How I Spent my Summer Vacation Essay for 10th Standard For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Well I just completed my summer vacation of 10 standard. This year was very interesting in my life because it was the 10th standard which was completed. It is said that 10 standard is the turning point of your career because after this you select which stream you want to pursue For example science, commerce or arts.

School Days

After completing my 10th now I will be going to the junior college of whatever stream I am selecting now but trust me the school days were the best days of our life. We just have to complete our homework and come back to the home this was the only mission of every children’s life.

We never wanted something which is called as a target or a degree to achieve. Till class 10th we never understand what actually was this race of career. After the class 10th the rest what started and the child which was there in the school has cost to become an adult secure his future.

10th Std Summer Vacation

This time it was totally a different kind of summer vacation from first standard to 9 standard. We used to always get homework in our summer which we have to complete and show it to our respected teachers after we come back from the summer vacation.

But this year it was totally different our teachers did not give us any kind of homework and they were not expecting us to come back after completing your vacations.

It was a different kind of situation which we were facing on that day the teachers were happy but we were not because we always wanted this summer should end and we returned back to our school back.

10th Board Exams

All this years whenever you be used to ask to our parents that when is the studies going to end they used to just say yes just complete your 10th and then you have the best of your life. But they never said that not here you are living the best part of your life after 10th.

There is nothing called as the best part of your life there will be a race in which you have to run to achieve your goal and come to the first position the best time which you can live your life is before 10th they never told us about that.

10th Farewell

A farewell party was the first party in every children’s life which was given to them for their career. Every children has first party to attend because it is the last day of your school. After just your school has ended and the journey to your career is being started.

This farewell party explains you many things which we never understood on our daily School time. Our teachers and principal say there and various very good luck forever future and promised them that if you need anything in future you can always contact us without hesitating of anything .

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