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How Did I Spend my Summer Vacation Essay For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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If we talk about the summer vacation we will just find the happiness of every kid into it. There is no one who do not love the summer vacation. It is the only time when every child can do whatever they want to and live their lives without any stress of school or home work.

Vacation in Abroad

Nowadays the students love to go to for vacations in abroad because they are willing to explore their summer vacation and the parents get a time when they get some stress relief time for them self.

Going abroad for a vacation is one of the greatest thing and Indian parents can do for their children’s because managing all the budget according to the summer vacation is not so easy. But somehow the parents manage to do so and once they are capable of doing and they make sure that their children’s are getting all the facilities which they did not get in their childhood duration.

Knowing Village Culture

Staying in the same house for 24 x 7 and 365 days is very boring, it is the only time when we get vacations. We can visit to our village and can you get some knowledge about our village when it is very important to know the culture of our village.

Because the future is in our hands of our village and cities so never think that if we live in a city and get all the facilities in city we should forget about our village culture and once we are well aware of our village culture we can even do some good things for them just by the knowledge which we have collected till now.

Trip to Hill Station

In India there are so many families who cannot afford to go to abroad for their children’s vacation and there are so many families who stay in the village so they cannot go and have fun. So they go to the other villages to do fun in the summer vacation.

There are so many public spots where the children’s can have fun. Most of the people in summer visit to the hill stations because it is the place which is very cool and calm and have all the facilities which we need in our day to day life and even the children’s love their vacation because it is a place far away from your home and something new to learn.

School Homework

As we get the vacation in summer we also get something which we all don’t like and that important thing is the school homework which is given in every summer, just to make sure that the children are not getting rid of studies they like it or not they have to complete all the homework before the school starts.

And there are so many students who are not able to complete their summer vacation homework and then they have to do the same homework twice or thrice, once we come back to the school and show their homework.

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