Essay On History And Legend For Students & Children In Simple English


History is a fact about the earlier ages that is what was done in, the earlier ages and who had done what and also why he had done, and various other questions are related to the history.

History is also and the subject of early age which consists of various things done by the older people and also about the historical places and various other things of the earlier age.

History please and vital role in developing the modern people and also share with us tactics used in the history and also how to solve the various problems.

The individual provides the history of anything is known as historians, and they conclude various facts about the history of what they have seen or what they have research in that field.

History is mostly known as the ancient history as it is the story about the ancient times of the world or any place which describes the place at the ancient time and also the environment during the ancient times.


The Legend is a word which is given to an individual in the history who had done various important things in his life and also had the something for his teeth Nation or the whole world.

There are some legends who have fight for the humanity and people remember him for his fight of the humanity and various other things.

Legends are the extraordinary people who did extraordinary things in their life for the happiness of the people around him due to which the people around him called him as the legend and due to which he is known until now as he had done something different from other people.

Legends are also referred to as Heroes as they have done various heroine movements in the life and also save the real life of the people from their work.

There are also some become a legend in the present when they see anyone’s life or they do something extraordinary which is not possible for the normal person.

History And Legend

History and legends are the two combinational words which help each other that is the history has various legends who had done various great works and also every Legend has his history which depicts his past and anything about him.

There are also some latent who is history is known to everyone, for example, the Legend Mahatma Gandhi who fought for the freedom in India and give his all life for getting freedom in India through a nonviolent way.

People today know the history about the Legend Mahatma Gandhi and also about his life what he had, and also the sacrifices he had made and also the small children are having the history of Mahatma Gandhi in their subjects.

People can forget the Legend and also the history of the legend, and it cannot be destroyed anytime as it passes from one generation to another through the subject of the stories which people share.

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