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The Heritage Of the country is all about the qualities and various other things like traditions and features of a country that have been present from the past and have been moving from one generation to another generation, India has a heritage and it was very proud of it like cultural heritage in which various cultures are passed from one generation to another generation which consists of various traditions. India has a large number of Heritage if we start it counting it might take a long time for completing the count and also will take a lot of effort.

India is also known as Heritage is country because it is full of Heritage as everything is passed from one generation to another generation as people living in India are very good and the follow that I am sisters. But nowadays people are changing they are becoming modern and stop following the cultural activities which are endangered to the heritage of India.

Classification Of Heritage

The heritage of India is classified into three types, one of the major types is the cultural heritage in which the various cultures and traditions are passed on to the next generation and reach on time pass it to another generation which creates a passing of culture and traditions through various means like stories and performance etc.

Another type of Heritage in India is the natural heritage in which there are various ecological bodies which are made naturally buy that place and is like a tourist attraction spot. There is a mixed type of Heritage which consists of the combination of cultural as well as Natural heritage.


Heritage is the very important thing which needs to pass on to the future generation. If it is not passed to the future generation it might create and problem in which the Heritage might get disappear and might completely lose in the between generation.

Heritage also plays and vital role in the development of a country as people from various country visit the country to take the experience of The Heritage of that country which increases the economy of that country as tourism increases in that country.

The heritage of India has a great impact on both the people the people living in India as well as the people visiting India from different countries. People feel proud of India due to its rich heritage and also love to visit India to spend their vacation so that they can feel free and enjoy spending the time in India.

Preservation Of Heritage

It is very necessary to preserve the heritage of India, in modern India, there is various cultural heritage which is decreasing as people in India are trying to become modern and stop following the older cultures and traditions which start the degradation of the heritage of India.

To preserve the heritage of India it is very necessary to change the mind of people living in India and also various campaign should be started to protect the heritage of India in which they spread the awareness of the heritage of India.

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