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Guru Gobind Singh Essay For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Guru Gobind Singh was the king of North India section. He was a brave king of that time, today also there are people who follows his direction towards the life. He always focused and motivated people to work for their culture.

When did Guru Gobind Born?

Well according to the calculations we don’t have the exact date on which the Guru Gobind Singh was born but he was born in his kingdom and his father was the king of that kingdom. In a very early age his father was killed by the moguls and he had to take care of his kingdom, he was a great fighter and even a great leader.

How Did his Father Died?

Guru Gobind Singh was just 12 or 13 at the time of his young age his father died but he was not dead by any natural calamity. Well actually he was killed by the moguls. There was the cast from Kashmir they were the pundits of Kashmir who were forced to change their cast and become a part of the Muslim community.

All the Kashmiri pundits were asking for help to the father of Guru Gobind Singh and he decided to help them and spoke to the respected king of Kashmir but the trust which he showed towards a king was not enough. The Mogul king arrested him and forced him to change his cast otherwise the king will give orders to kill him in front of everyone to set an example that whoever does not agree with the command of king will face this kind of consequences.

Even after knowing all this situations Guru Gobind Singh‘s father do not agree with the terms and conditions given by the Mogul king he decided he will sacrifice himself but he will not going to leave his cast. After the commitment of Guru Gobind Singh‘s father with the Mogul king gave orders to cut off his head from his body and send his head to his kingdom. The guru Govind Singh had seen this disasters image by himself and at a very small age.

Guru Gobind Singh is famous

Guru Gobind Singh was getting famous by his incredible work towards his culture and his defined ways of fighting. He was also one of the breve fighters in the whole world, there was no one who can defeat them on the field. Guru Gobind Singh had four kids and each one of them was as brave as guru Govind Singh none of them were afraid of any kind of problems or situations which comes in front of them.

All the four kids were also very good fighters in the whole world. each one of them was scared by some or the other frauds by the mugal because they were also not in defeat table when it comes to fight against them in the first two kids lock and by doing a fraud in the battlefield and the last two kids were killed by a Man U plating the whole enquiry commission is showing that they are a threat to the moguls in future

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