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India is a very popular country and is famous for its variation in everything mostly the different types of people living in India by caste and religion.

In India, there are about 27 states and each state have their type of people who speak the different language and have their mother tongue, but the famous language in India is the Hindi language which is known by mostly everyone and also a common language.

India is also known as Incredible India which is word given by the tourist visiting in India, and they think that India is incredible as there are many things which are incredible happen only in India.

India has shown its greatness in various field and also have provided a great service to All the Nations by its inventions. India has been a source of various things in the past. The famous thing in India is about the worship and faith in God as there are many numbers of Gods and everyone believe in them and they also do many things for them.

Greatness In Research

India is very famous to invent the number system the number zero was invented by Aryabhatta who was a great scientist due to which it was able to create a number system and count the numbers to infinity.

Sanskrit language which has the origin from India is used in many places, and also there are various terms of various languages which have been derived from the Sanskrit language.

Ayurveda the earliest study of Ayurvedic medicine was developed in India which has saved much life and also very useful in developing ayurvedic medicines which are developed from plants and herb.

There are also various mathematic inventions took place in India the value of pi was given by budaniya which were 3.14 and also explain the theory. The Shankaracharya calculated the time taken by the earth to complete the revolution around the sun which was about 365 days in the earlier days.

Greatness In Tradition

India is a country with a variety of religion, and they have very different traditions. Every tradition of India has its rituals and have its own unique story.

There are various people in India who changed their religion which they like and also they have the right to change the religion. There are various great traditions available in the religions of India in which people do various great acts and also believe in them.

Greatness In Progress

India is an under developing country, but it has, and greater speed of developing hand has progressed a very large amount till now. The growth rate of India is very high, and also it is increasing its GDP to a greater extent.

There are various businesses policies taking over in India to increase the trade and manufacturing in India and also increase the economy of India; there is a similar policy known as made in India which mainly focuses on making India as a world’s best manufacturing country.

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