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The GRE is a test which is given by the student to measure their own analytical skills and also various other skills like grammatical skills about writing an essay.

In GRE the students write an essay on a given topic by the teacher and the teacher analyze the essay on various bases and provide an analytical report to the students and their parents.

There are two types of the essay which are written in GRE test they are issue essay in which topic is given which has various issues and another time in which an argument topic of the essay is given.

There are also many web tools available for performing and GRE test for analyzing your essay writing skills.

The main motto of the GRE issue essay writing is to develop the essay writing skills of the students and also increase the vocabulary of the students by giving them different types of essay topics.


The issue GRE is one of the types in which the issues related to and subject are written like an essay.

Most of the time the topic of this time I’ve given to the students during their educational period, most of the students also like writing issue essays as they know what are the issues and they also love to express their problem in the essay.

There are also various issues related to an issue GRE essay writing as we have to write on issues some of the students are not able to write the essay as they don’t have information about the essay and also they have less source of getting the information.

Hence lack of information all source of information is the greatest issue in GRE essay test.


The GRE issue essay writing place and a vital role in developing the psychological parameter of the students and also gives the ability to the students of finding out various issues related to an object or an individual.

GRE also please and vital role in finding out the issues and also getting any solution for them to buy any easier mean.


The GRE issue essay is used in India by many numbers of school. In India the teachers provide various number of GRE issue essay to the students and tell them to write and Limited words on that essay and the students also give their full time for that essay and they complete their homework and submit it to the teacher and the teacher analyses the essay written by the students and tell the name of the student who has written the best essay in the class and give them a reward and also every student club for him.

The GRE issues are better than the argument as the argument are very easy to complete as anyone can write as many words as possible on the argument but it is very hard to write on an issue as we need facts and for that fact, we have to refer many things.

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