Essay On Goods And Service Tax For Students & Children In Simple English

The goods and the service tax that is GST is the value that is added in the tax that replaces all the indirect taxes on goods and services by the Indian government in both Central and the states.

The goods and Service Tax is that tax that is based on the uniform rate of tax fixed for both goods and services and all the goods and services leaving a few of them that is distributed by the government are under the GST and there will be no differences between goods and services.

When this GST is applied to the goods and services the rates would be expected to around 14 to 16%. According to the many surveys when the GST is been applied to the goods and service of India it could expand India’s growth of domestic product by 1 to 1.7 percent points and about 15 billion a year could be earned by India is this GST would be done and it will promote more export and create many opportunities for the employment and also boost the growth.

Goods And Services Tax System

To introduce this goods and service tax in  India is very much essential as India is emerging in the field of economy and this GST system taxes are integrated that would make possible the taxation burden to be split between manufacturing and the services and it will help to build a transparent corruption free tax administration.

While introducing this system into the government there will be many problems and some things but this all should be taken care before the introduction of this system.

Some of the preparations should be done before as introducing the GST system the government should be efficient in the machinery and there should be prepared for these enormous change and they also think that there should not be a problem for the people and after handling all these things then only they should announce this system.

There are many taxpayers in a country to pay the taxes in a huge amount and after the system that has been introduced there should not be the problem in the taxpayers with they should accept that they are ready to pay such a change introduced this GST.

Because of this India would be able to get more exports and because of this, there would be the great development in the economy of India.

GST Networks

With the GST the government is also introducing many reforms that would help to bring the manufacturing in Indian that strengthens in the bone of India as the goods and service tax network which is set up to provide an IT infrastructure services for the implementation of GST.

It is a company under which action 25 implies non-government private limited company will not work for profit.

Because of the network development the taxpayers profiling and utilities very important aspect for achieving the get goals.

So overall this get method is a very important system that has been introducing by the Indian government for the development of the country economy and also the development of the country as well.

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