Good Food Habits Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Good food habit is a very healthy habit of eating good food that is better for your health and also makes your health fit. It is seen that there are various types of junk food available outside your house like Chinese cuisine and various other food which is not good for your health in which you should not eat because it has an adverse effect on your digestive system and also on your health.

It is fine if you eat the junk food once in a while but it is very bad habit to eat it everyday which has an adverse effect on your whole life as a damages your whole body as it contains various harmful things because the thing outside your house is not made with taking a special care that is the same oil is used throughout the day for all the snacks on the day.

And at home, it is seen that the food is prepared in the very hygienic manner which is very good for your health and consist of various healthy things which will benefit your health and also your body.


There is a huge advantage of eating and good food which means that you are eating and healthy food. It plays a vital role in the development of your physical body and also protects you from various diseases and problems which your body faces after eating a bad food from a bad place.

There is a major advantage of eating healthy food is you can control your weight and can also do weight loss by eating healthy food which is healthier for your body and digest in a very easy manner and does not contain any Complex material which is very hard to digest.

Good food not only provides a good health but it also provides good mental ability there is some food like spinach which on heating boosters your mind and make sure mind sharp.

Eating healthy food also prevents you from coming into control of various diseases like diabetes which is a disease in which you cannot control your sugar level in the blood and also reduces various diseases to heart. Eating healthy food also makes you living and happy and healthy life as when you are free from diseases you feel very happy and feel energetic for doing any work.


The food made in home is thought as it is a good food and it is really very much healthy for our life as it is the food that we are eating from our childhood and which does not affect our body and gets digested easily but if we do any changes in our food, for example, there are some children who are vegetarian from childhood but when they start eating non-veg out the house which is spicier than their home then they develop various diseases like bleeding from various parts of the body as there is an increase in the heat in the body.

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