Essay On Global Warming In English In 500 Words

In this today’s world global warming is said as the major environmental issues that people are facing today and it is a great challenge to solve this and if it is not solved now it will create a major harm for the people in the future as there would be no life exists in the future would be left because of this increasing of the Global Warming.

Global warming is said as the continuous and the study process of increasing the temperature of the Earth surface and to solve these problem every country should see to it vary widely and should discuss on this to get relief from this problem of global warming as it is affecting our natures balance and all the countries are facing the problem of global warming.

In the recent past we have seen that there are many natural calamities and disasters that are been taken and we can say that it is because of the changes in the climatic conditions of the earth from the past and because of all this thing there is a great harm to the life of the people and it is all because of the increase in the Global Warming.

Global Warming-A Great Destroyer

Global warming is caused because of the greenhouse gases that are present in our environment like the co2 methane gas and the increase of these gases in our Earth causes the global warming that impacts the rise in the sea levels and unexpected climatic conditions.

From the past the earth temperature is been increasing regularly and because of this it is getting hotter day by day in the environment and causing global warming and to control the global warming on earth temperature we should be controlled first as because of the pollution that is created by the people is harming the environment and the main reason of the global warming is that the pollution and the gases are affecting the Ozone Layer who is protecting the UV rays which is directly attacking to the Earth surface and because of the depletion of the Ozone Layer the UV rays of the sun is directly attacking in the earth surface and because of this it is causing the problem of global warming.

And because of this global warming there is sudden occurrence of strong Storms unpredictable an Unexpected cyclones floods heavy rains lack of food diseases and also many people get die.

Further Climatic Conditions

In the future according to the statistics that has been noted there would be a great effect of this global warming in our surroundings there will be more amount of harmful gases increase in our environment and because of these global warming will take place in major form.

To protect the environment from the cause of global warming that is only in the hand of the people as people should stop the use of harmful things that harm the environment and control the pollution so because of this global warming would be able to solve slowly and there will be a great life existence in the future if people started to control it now.

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