Causes Of Global Warming

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Global warming is one of the most major problems right now which is faced by each and every person who is living on the earth because they are somewhere responsible of the situation to the earth.

Mistakes on Earth

Earth is a very beautiful place where all the human beings live together, well there are some conflicts between them but they don’t have any other choice to leave the earth and go.

Apart from earth there is nowhere where the human beings can survive, so they have to live on the earth and even take care of it. Because if they don’t take care of the earth there will be a huge disaster and one day the earth will be destroyed just because of the mistakes of the human been.

Types of Pollution

Earth is the place where different different types of living beings are available, the most populated creature which is available on earth is human being. There are animals, birds and many different kind of creatures but the most disgusting creature of earth is human being because they have created so many miserable things for the earth which are making the earth polluted and even dirty from inside.

If we talk about the pollution which the human being has created on earth there are three major pollutions which we count into that three major pollution and there are several more.

First is Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is something which is done by each and every human been on the earth. Most of the noise pollution is done in the city areas where people don’t even think about the comfort of someone else. If they are requiring the noise they will do without any hesitation which makes the other people get suffer from.

This noise pollution is also disturbing the nature and even the old age people who are not able to listen the worst noise in the surrounding city areas are mostly covered with the noise pollution.

Water Pollution

When we talk about water pollution, everyone is involved into it in some or the other way because water is the most important thing to survive on earth. Every human body is made up of water if we have a scientific calculation then we can come to know that the 70% of human being’s body is made up of water but the human been itself does not care about the purity of water through their waste material into the rivers and expect that someone else should clean it.

The factories which are throwing their waste into the river and oceans should also understand that it is the same rivers and oceans from which they are going to drink water.


Human beings are very much responsible for air-pollution they are the one who are doing this air pollution by their vehicles. They are not taking care about the nature and to live on a very big ground they cut all the forest, they are not even aware that if the forest are collapsed then the pollution of air will increase and this will increase the global warming in the world.

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