General Topics For Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


There is the number of general essay topics provided to the students of the schools and colleges and the students have to complete these general essay topics of the specific size that a specific number of words and after which the teacher check this general essay topic.

It is seen that students do not like writing these general essay topics they just refer to various sources of information about the essay and they just blindly copy down it from the internet or any book rather than they would have to think about the topic and write them in their own words which would have developed the mind and also vocabulary.

The general essay topics are given by the professor all teacher for the development of the grammar and the vocabulary of the students but the student does not do the essay writing fitfully they just copy it from anywhere.  There is some student in the schools and colleges who love the English language and they also love writing the essays and their write the essay in their own word by collecting information about the general essay topics.


There are various types of general topics for the essay which have their own degree of complexity. If we categorize the type of general essay topics on the basis of their complexity it is divided into three parts. The first is the easy general essay topics which are easy to write and you can have various information about them from your own life and you can write a number of words on that without searching it on the internet or look into the books.

Another type is the moderate general essay topic for which the students have to do a little bit research on the essay topic and they take more time to write the essay as they have to research on the acid topic and decide what they have to write in the essay from the gathered resource.

There are various hard general topics for the essay in which it is very hard to get information about the topics of an essay and sometimes it is very hard to understand the topic of your assets because of which it becomes hard to write the essay.


There are number of general topics for essay which can be provided to the students who are learning and also which can be used to provide as an assignment to the student so that they will learn the process of writing essay from this general topics as if you give them a unique topic which is hard to write they will neglect writing essay and will think that essay writing is an adverb so it is very necessary did you start from providing the general topics for essay to the students rather than giving them the hard topic.

It is also seen that students love this general topic of the essay and their write in their own words relating to the old life which increases the ability to relate everything to their own life and also they increase their own vocabulary and increase the ability to think and write essays in their own words.

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