General Essay Topics For College Student Read Here Online


There are various general essay writing topics given to the college students and they complete the assignment by writing the essay of the specific size that is specific numbers of words.

These general essay topic are provided by the teachers to the college students.

The college students feel very boring to write this general essay writing topics and they just search on the Internet and they refer some essays and make their own essay which is unique in their own way and also has various fact in it.

these general essay writing topics are then checked by the teacher or professor of the student and accordingly, gives him marks based on the quality of that essay.

There are also some students who love writing essays on general essay topics and they are right it very easily without referring to the internet.

Mostly the general essay writing topics are based on the general issues going around the world like festivals occasions and problems.

Tips to Write a General Essay Topic

General essay writing topics are very easy to write as the student knows about that topic and has various information about the topic and also if the student is not having the information about the topic it can be searched on the Internet and huge source of information is available about the topic.

Generally it is very good to keep your essay short up to 1 page and dividing it into 5 small paragraphs in which the first paragraph should be about the introduction which includes the complete information or summary about your topic and always the last paragraph should be about the conclusion of what is the conclusion of your essay which gives The Reader a short importance of your essay.

Your general essay topics should consist of fats and also figures if possible and it should not be in an active voice


There are various types of general essay writing topics which can be further differentiated into many ways like descriptive essays, it is a type in which a description of and name place or thing is done and also various facts about it are written.

The expository essay is the type of essay which consists only facts and information about anything.

The persuasive essay which is the time in which the writer of the essay tries to convince about the topic of the essay to the reader through various means and sentences.


The general essay writing topics play and vital role in developing the vocabulary of the college students as they have to write essays by their own and learn many things while writing essays on how they can expand and paragraph and also how to control fact in your essay.

Writing general essay topics is very important for the college student which gives their brain a distraction from the regular Complex studying and make their Mind free and focusing it on the topic.

Also, general essay topics are given to the college student to know about the students that is how they are and how much effort do they put in the work which is known after reading the essay.

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