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Games are very important for us as they help to keep our body fit and healthy and can give many life challenges to us in our daily life.

By playing games they bring change in our daily life, and they are very useful means of entertainment and also physical activities, and playing with them, they can give us physical energy and strength.

Also by playing sports, our mental and physical growth also get very strong, and we can and also learn many things from it.

There are many games that are played such as football volleyball basketball badminton tennis table tennis weightlifting cricket etc.

This is the games which are played outdoors in the open ground, and there are also many types of games such as indoor games like chess carrom that are performed inside the home and in all these types of games such as indoor games can help us to keep our mind properly and gives us much knowledge and in the outdoor games such as cricket and football these games are used for our body to keep our body healthy and fit and gives physical strength.

Advantages Of Playing Games

Games are a means of mental and physical growth as when we play different types of games we get to learn many things. By playing games, it improves our capability and efficiency as the study or work alone makes us exhausted.

We remain no longer efficient to do any work, so sports removes our mental exhaustion and games are also the integral part of education.

It mostly helps people to build their character and gives energy and strength. There are many games that teach us many things in our life such as there a game which tells us about friendliness and team spirit.

People should allow their children to play games at a very early age so from earlier children could get the habit of playing games and these games are also included in the education system as they are many sports and games that are played in schools and the colleges.

As we can say that education is incomplete without sports as many people can make their future in sports by including the sports and games in school, they can teach everything about the games and by this many people could be able to make their future in games.

Every student should choose their career option on their own, and they should be able to work on it and make the future in sports. Games have a great potential to offer career opportunity, so we should take them very seriously from the very early of our life as it can become a good means of earning and opportunities to prove that talents.

Disadvantages Of Not Playing Games

There also many people who did not like to play games as they feel that they can waste their time.

Because of this the people who did not play games they harm their body, and their body will not become fit and healthy when people go to work they should always maintain and remove sometimes from their work to play games as by this they can free their mind and able to keep their body fit and healthy.

There are also many children who like to play video games and not like to play the real games, and so because of this they are harming their life, and their parent should always give the opportunity to children to go out and play as because of these they can get more knowledge and experience of games.

There are many playgrounds and sports event that are organized by many countries for the development of sports and games among the children of their country.

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