Essay On Friends For Students & Children In Simple English


Friend is a one which loves you and also care about you and in return you also share your love and care about him, it is not that there are only human friends there are also some friends which are pets, for example, many of the people who don’t have friends they have a dog and friend and Datia most time to visit of any pet animal and also share everything in their life.

Friend does not have any age limit and does not have a model we can be anyone and of any age.

The friend is like a helper’s hand with you in everything they will you go wherever you will go and also help you in different places and also face every problem with you and also share every joy with you.

Sometimes there is not a single friend but you have the whole group of friends and it has a lot of fun as you have a group of friends you can do anything and also you can go anywhere with no stress and also play any game with each other.


Friends playing and you’re the role of supporting you they support you in your every decision of your life and they also support you in completing your task and also cheering you for becoming better.

Friends are the individual whom you be very free and you don’t feel awkward to say anything and you show your original behavior with your friends which makes you a good person.

Friends are also known as best doctor in emotional times as they know how you are and what should be done when you are being emotional on anything and also they know how are your sentiment.

Friends are the best individual to share time and also you feel very convenient with them and also have the real comfort of behavior with them.

Sometimes friends also help you to stay on the way to success and do not get distracted because of anything else. Friends are the best source of getting entertainment has no one can entertain you like them.


Children lying in clover with heads together. Vertically framed shot.

There are various disadvantages of your friends it depends upon how is your friends so it is very necessary to choose a better friend so that she will be able to improve your life and also his life and rather than he would be able to spoil both lives.

Sometimes friend takes you on a wrong route to success and also make your life miserable and make you like themselves. As a friend share everything they also share their bad habits with each other which is very bad and which degrade your life.

There is also song friend which bring your life in danger by their Behaviour, for example, there are many friends you have met in an accident due to their ride a bike very much fast and try to overtake everyone due to which there is a dangerous accident and I also hurt you. So it is very necessary that you should see that your friend you are not influenced your life in his way.

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