Freedom Of Expression

Essay On Freedom Of Expression For Students & Children In Simple English

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Freedom of expression we can say that in the freedom of expression everyone should have their own thoughts and ideas and also they should give their opinions freely through their speech by expressing them and also they can communicate by writing and other forms of communication as well but they should communicate with other people and Express their thought is a freedom of expression.

There are many countries who give their people right to express their thoughts to their Government and it has become a great thought by the government as people in the country Express their thoughts and opinions about them and so because of this the government can listen to the thoughts and can run according to it. This right to freedom of expression has been given in the country India as after the Constitution that has been made our country’s government has given the right to the people as they can share their thoughts freely and Express their opinions.

Right to Express

We can say that right to express is a very much important for the people as they can speak their mind freely on the important issues of the society and as well as the government and they can play a vital role by giving their opinions and because of these there would be a great development by their thoughts in the society and a great thought can lead to a development in the whole country as well. There are many laws in the Constitution that have been made to give the rights to the people to express their opinions to the government.

In the constitution, there is Article 19 that has been made for the human rights to express their thoughts freely. We can say that the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression are the same as speech is in a form of expression and this speech can only be given by conducting their thoughts through speech but the expression can be given through many forms. This freedom of expression should be given to the people as because of this the involvement of the people in the government affairs would get increased and they would be able to give their opinions to the government.

Right to express important in life

Right to express is important in every person’s life as they could be able to share their opinions to the society but not only in the government affairs the right to express their thoughts to the people can be get involved in any forms.

As there are many social welfare issues that are being taken by the society when a person freely express his thoughts and his thoughts would be listened by the people and they can get work on it and develop a well Society for the people.

Everyone should have right to express their thoughts and so because of these they would be able to participate in this country as well and by giving their opinions their thoughts would be listened by the government and it can help in the development of the country as well.

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