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Essay On Food Adulteration For Students And Children In Simple English

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Food Adulteration means simply to mix harmful chemicals with genuine substances as we can see that there are many fruits and vegetables that are made by mixing the harmful Chemicals in it that affect the quality of the vegetables.

This food adulteration is considered as one of the main problems, and a serious problem in our country as the food adulteration is by mixing food or drink less Pure by adding another substance to it, and because of it has been increasing diseases amongst the most. This method of mixing genuine foods with the harmful Chemicals and adulterating the food is increasing in the market.

Effects Of Adulterated Food

As the adulterated food is attacked by various diseases and by eating these adulterated food people sometimes being faced with ultimately death as the main reason for it is to earn more and more money and because of this greediness the corrupted businessman who is responsible for the adulteration of the food give permission for fixing the foods and sell in the market and because of this it creates a major effects to the people only to earn money by the businessmen.

There are also the types of food adulteration like the intentional unintentional, and by the natural as in intentional the substances are added by the people deliberately for increasing the margin of their profit and in the unintentional ways the adulteration of the food substances is due to the neglect and not giving the proper facilities that are provided to the food while they are growing, and also there is a third way of natural way as this natural way is occurring due to the pressure of certain chemical, organic compounds naturally occurring in the foods.

As an example of the adulteration of the food items as in the turmeric powder, the people add lead chromate and it causes many diseases and also brain damage and also not only in turmeric but there are also many things in which this food adulteration is done which are harmful.

To Overcome This Problem

There are also many ways to check food is adulterated or not and it should be known by every people as they should eat only the food which are not adulterated and which are genuine and by this, they would be able to overcome this food adulteration problem. People should check the foodstuff before buying them.

As this problem of food adulteration is increasing in our country day by day the people should be aware of it and they should create awareness and forced to stop this food adulteration and the people who do these things should get banned by the people and all the people should come forward to work together in order to solve this problem as this problem is a cause for our country and our society and our people can only solve this problem.

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