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When there is an increase in global warming in the world and because of the increased global warming there are many natural disasters that happen, and in that the flood is a natural disaster which is caused by the overflow of water in dry area it is caused when there are heavy rains, and there is overflow of water in a Reservoir, and the capacity of the Reservoir gets over and this water gets overflowed from it and it leads to the flood.

When there is unconditional rain in the rainy seasons, and there is no stop in the water dams and the Reservoir get burst, and this causes the water to get out from the dams and to flow through the nearby areas, and this causes the flood in the nearby areas. We cannot stop the flood coming as it is a natural disaster so when it is happening, we should move quickly from that area. When there is a natural disaster like the flood when it happens, it comes in a flash way, and the water gets filled all over within seconds as when this floods causes unknowingly the floods are called as flash floods.

Flood-The Nature Destroyer

The natural disasters are said as nature’s Destroyer and because of this the environmental balance that is going properly and the environmental chain that is going hand in hand get destroyed and get imbalanced as not only by the flood there are many natural disasters who harm the environment and because of the flood all the buildings trees get destroyed the whole area get collapse within a second because of this not only the humans but animals plants and all the living things life gets in danger and some humans and animals lost their lives in this flood.

This flood mostly comes in the flood-prone area, and there are many flood-prone areas in Asian continent, and because of this there is an incident of this natural disaster in India in the year 1943 in Madras where there are heavy rains continuously and because of this the Madras city gets under the flood as all the life of people get destroyed and because of this the Madras City gets destroyed. This flood destroyed all the living, and many of the people died under the flood. Not only in Madras but later this flood affected in some areas of Gujarat mostly about 1800-2000 people lost their life. When there is a happening of the flood, it destroys all the living lifestyle of the people and property of the people get destroyed, and no hope for the people remains for their living.

Flood Prone Areas And Their Protection Measures

Mostly the Asian continent is in the flood-prone areas, and the countries like Japan India Nepal and more of the Asian countries are under this flood-prone areas, and there are also many recent cases of volcanic eruptions in Japan and because of this there are much technological development Japan has done for these disasters they have built many dams and reservoirs for the conservation of the rainwater and also Japan has made flood control and made many sliding walls at the rivers for the protection from the flood as India is also in the flood-prone area they have also taken many measures for the control of natural disasters as the main reason for the disasters are the deforestation so India are announced many schemes for the plantation of many trees so because of this the problem of deforestation could be solved, and these natural disaster problems could also get solve easily.

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