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We all talk about the floods, which we have seen in the news or read from the newspaper. Now, what is the reason these floods are happening in our surroundings? What is the reason and how can we remove this problem from our life?

Flood in Remote Areas

Now if we talk about the problems which come from the flood are so many, but the most common problems which are faced by the people are being mentioned over here. First of all, because of floods, all the necessary things which were stored for a long duration gets destroyed and if any kind of food material is kept to be stored for a long time, you cannot preserve it from the flood.

In India, the most problematic places in floods in remote areas. These are the areas that face most of the problems because of this flood. They are shelterless and even don’t have a portion of food to consume, because of the flood they cannot go for walk-in or manage any kind of food material for themself and family. So they are facing the most problematic situations in the flood.

Well, we are not saying that only the people who stay in the remote areas are facing all the problems even a middle-class family person faces many problems in the flat and they need to understand that what all things would be required if the flood comes and how can they see their family from this problem.         

Problems For Animal

Now, you must be thinking about what kind of problems animal was facing during the flood? Well, they are the one who faces all kind of problems and they cannot even complain about it because the human being does not understand the language of an animal. Or as a human being, you can find shelter and live into it or you can ask for help but as an animal, there are only reliable on human beings.

People avoid to save the animals during the flood which is completely wrong, they feel that in this problematic situation they should take care of themselves, not of some animal but if we do so we are the one who is behaving like an animal, we should show humanity and also save the animals.

Because the people who can ask for help our human beings and the people who can help are also human beings, but the animals cannot even ask for help, there is the human being who should understand and help them from this kind of crisis.


Now, you must be thinking in the flats how come a person can face a problem of water? Water is everywhere and it is the water from which people need to be saved.

So how can anyone say that water is a problem in the floods? Well, the flood water is no proper water to drink for any kind of human being. Because it contains all the waste materials into it so even drinking water is a problem during floods.        

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Updated: January 8, 2020 — 7:48 am

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