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Financial inclusion is the concept which every country needs to follow. In this financial inclusion every country has its budget and also shows how the growth of the country is. So never neglect this important concept of your country.


India is a country of very big population so the education is also a very big issue over here. India needs to educate their every child but as the population is too much it is not even possible to educate the one fourth of the upcoming future kids.

But then too the Indian government is trying it’s best to give important role to the education system and even the education system is making new change to overcome all this problems which India is facing right now.


India is a country of farmers because agriculture is the main business in India. Nowadays we don’t even look how the farmers are working hard and growing the crops. We are just looking at the brighter side which the companies are trying to show us.

The farmers do all hard work and grow the crops and this companies take all the crops at a very cheap rate and sell it to us by giving the brand name of their company. This is the worst thing which is going on with the farmers and Indian government is trying to stop this inappropriate behavior with the farmers.

Indian government has started few new concepts from which the farmers can know the actual price of their grown crops and they are always make sure that they are in a very good amount from their hard work.

The Youth

If we see the youth everyone is now a days making their career in some or the other field but no one is looking towards the growth of their country. The youth is not even aware of the financial condition of their countries, every youth should know what the financial condition of their country is because it is important for every aspect of their life.

If they are looking for a job in future they should know that how much is their country capable of giving to them and even if the person is looking for a government job the person should understand that it is not a simple job to do it is a very high responsibility for them because they are the future of this country.

The Government

Every country’s government make sure that their budget is appropriate for their citizens. India which is the second largest populated country even their government is trying to make sure that each and every person in their country should earn in some or the other way.

So whenever this kind of financial conditions occur they also try to find some or the other solution for it. If there is an inflation for the employees who are working for from a very long time they try to find some other opportunities to earn money for them.

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