Article On Female Education For Students & Children In Simple English

Female education is the education that is provided to women as educating a woman is a main thing in the world as the women are educated they can help the country to be developed easily at present there are many women who also helps in the development of the country.

Education that is provided to a woman is very much important as Women’s are being neglected from the past, and they are not given equal priorities as compared to the man but in today’s world women are also given the equal priorities as they can equal to a man as we can say that they are ahead of me in any field.

By providing equal education to a woman and a man, women have to Prove the skills that they can be equal to a man and so because of this in this present world women should get a good amount of education in all the countries and all the areas. But in the past, this women education has become a great issue that Womens are mostly neglected in the past.

In Past

In the past women are being neglected and they are seen not compare as equal to a man. Our society did not permit to educate the woman, and they think that women should live only inside their homes.

Women are not educated because as if there are no money to educate a boy and girl and if they can afford for the only education of one child, so people educate a boy and they think that a girl should be work inside a house.

Mostly gender differences problem between Men and women is the reason for not educating the girls.

In the past, there were people who abort the baby in a woman foeticide when they get to know that the child is a girl and because of this there were also many down in the ratio of birthrate of women as they were not given birth as compared to a boy child.

These things should be changed, and women should get permission to be educated in all formats. Mostly people do not consider a girl child as their responsibility there is always a gender difference between a girl and a boy in India.

At Present

In the present world women are getting a good amount of education as all the governments and mostly the problems that have been happening in the past in India has been solved and the Government of India has been working for the women equality and because of this they are getting an equal amount of education as compared to a man.

So because of this education that is provided to a woman, they are proving themselves by getting ahead of men in all the field as we can see that about 50% or above that Women are ahead of Mens and they are giving a tough fight to them and are equal to them.

Our Indian government Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a huge responsibility for the women education as he has organized many camps for this his camp Beti Bachao Beti padhao is a great organization that he has organized for the female education.

Today’s women are mostly equal to the boys as they are ahead in all the fields such as technical, science, business everything a woman is ahead of a man. Women should be considered as equal to a man, and there should always be gender equality in all the countries.

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