Essay On Favorite Teacher For Students & Children In Simple English


A teacher is an individual who teaches us in the school, and everyone has their favorite teacher who studies the favorite subject and sometimes they also the favorite teacher, but they are not taking their favorite subject.

Small students like studying from their favorite teacher as they perfectly focus on the teacher due to which they can gain the knowledge given by the teacher.

But there is also some teacher who the student doesn’t like, and they just do not focus on the knowledge given by that teacher due to which they also do not like that subject, and they think that the subject is bad and cannot be done.

Sometimes students have more than one favorite teacher because they both are equivalent for them as they share various knowledge about the book and also outside the world.

There are some children who have all teachers as the favorite and study every subject with joy and did not discriminate between the teachers and they focus on learning every subject to gain more knowledge and become a successful person in the life.

Why Are They, Favorite Teacher

The teacher is the favorite teacher or student because she might be very polite and give more knowledge about the subject and not only about the subjects but she might also provide facts about the subject present in the outside world, and also through the application of the subject in the outside world.

Most of the students have the science teacher as their favorite teacher because she provides us many facts in our day to day life which can help to improve our day to day life and also maintain our physical and mental ability.

Most of the students have the maths teacher as their favorite teacher because they love mathematics and also the love doing mathematics in the day to day life and which the maths teacher provides various mathematical techniques which can make the mathematics easy.

There are some students who don’t like learning due to which they like the teachers who teach crafts and drawing as they have the talent of creativity and they love drawing and doing the craft, and the art and craft teacher also share various creativity with their students.


The favourite teachers play a very important role in making the future of the student as the student learn the subject of their favourite teacher with huge focus and did think about only that subject in the future, so they go in the field of their favourite teacher subject, so it is very important to have a favourite teacher who will guide you through the route of the success and also make your future successful.


Everyone has their favorite teacher as the role model, and they want to become like their teacher and due to which the focus on the studies and also more on the subject taught by their favorite teacher.

It is very important to have a favorite teacher so that you enjoy your learning and also you do hard work in studies and bring good marks for developing your future and become a successful person in life.

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