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Essay On Fathers Day For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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My Superhero Is My Father 

My father is for me a never less than a superhero. In the whole world, there are millions of but my father is one of the special people for me, with all my thick and thin he has always with me.

Why Father Is Very Important In Our Life  

A father is a very important person in my life, he plays a very significant role in our life. Just like oxygen, without oxygen, we cannot live the same applies to my father, without me and my family cannot live or we cannot imagine our self.

There is nothing to which he cannot able to do something for his family. To every little thing are making him great for us. For his children’s he makes the all possible things with his patients as well as perseverance, and it is enough to make him a superhero.

Father do all works for us or to feed us, he always does hard work for us only. He is a great person in each and everyone’s life as a father. If we want anything then we go to the father and tell to bring it, and he will also bring the things what you want and not hesitate for it.

When We Celebrate Fathers Day 

In the month of June, we usually celebrate this day and it falls on the third of Sunday. So throughout the year, it may occur on different days. Generally, on the 19th of June in 2016, this day was celebrated at last time. The celebration of father day fell on Sunday on the 18th of June in the year 2017.

As the later accompaniment of the mother’s day, the father’s day was celebrated. In Washington, in the year 1910, the USA, an in the local YMCA, a woman decides to hold this day as a father day celebration in the month of June.

Celebration On The Occasion Of Fathers Day 

As we all celebrate the mother’s day than why don’t we celebrate a father’s day? We also should celebrate the father day. Towards our father, we can also celebrate this day as a father’s day by expressing lots of love and gratitude.

Although there is a special bond between the father and his child has been strong from the long years ago. There are some ways by which we can celebrate father’s day with joy and love. They are as follows:

You can pamper your dad by booking him a spa package.

You can plan the picnic on the father day.

On this day, you can gift him by things which are loved the most, my father would love to have an awesome fragrance perfume and also the new t-shirt as well as shirts he loves the most to the quality of clothes as well as perfumes.


Being a father have so many different and difficult responsibilities of his family. So, you should as his child, help him in any kind of situation as he helps us and makes him feel happy.

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