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Essay On Fast Food For Students & Children In Simple English

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There are many different types of foods that are being eaten by the people some are healthy food, and some are junk food which is not healthy for the body which harms the health of the body and fast food or this type of food which are mass producing foods and this food mostly harms the body, and they are being called as fast food because they are served faster than the traditional foods that we eat.

The food that we eat at home and which is cooked at home has more nutritional value and Minerals and nutrients in it, but the fast food which is sold outside does not have any type of nutritional value in it as compared to our home cooked food. Mostly fast foods are being kept in the fridge and are frozen, and when people give the order they are removed and preheated and precooked, and they are being served.

Health effects due to fast foods

Fast food is being served in restaurants and many other food stores they are being served, and there is much fast food that people likes to eat such as Pizzas burgers and many Chinese dishes people likes to eat but all this fast food that is being eaten by the people are very much harmful to their body and as well as their health gets affected by this foods.

Mostly from the past the tradition of serving this fast food is increased as in the past there were mostly cooked home food is being eaten, and there are also many conditions that they are not able to get the cooked food but in these today’s world people usually like to eat the fast food rather than the home cooked food as the fast food are very much delicious and tasty to eat, but there are many things that are present in fast food which is harmful to the body.

Such health effects because of the fast food there would be a great increase in the weight and obesity which food take on people and many of the foods can cause major diseases as well. There are different types and varieties of fast food that are being served in restaurants, but they are not healthy to eat.

Increase in demand for fast food

As in this present world there is an increase in demand of the fast food as it has become a business for many people as there are many big fast food companies that are being opened like McDonalds Dominos and many more fast food restaurants are introduced, and these things that I’ve been made in this restaurants are very much harmful to the body, but people usually like to eat this as they are very tasty to eat.

Nowadays we can see fast food in every Street as many stalls are placed for the people to eat some amount of Fast Food people eat it but it is a very much harmful for their body, and later it can affect a major disease to their body and so because of this consumption of fast food should be controlled by the people.


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