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As we all know being in a joint family was so much fun. We have so many people to discuss about our problem and enjoy our happiness with them.

Joint family is something which is a dream of millions of Indian family they all want a big happy joint family but it is not possible because most of the people are not so comfortable staying with a big joint family.

Foundation of Family

Well if we stay in a joint family and make sure that whatever problem comes to us can be solved at once. Because we have few people whom we called as our grandfather and grandmother they are having their lifetime experience to share with us. They can explain us how to come out of any situation because they have gone through a lot which we don’t even know about it.

Help in Decision-Making

Everyone needs someone to help us to take any harsh decision related to anything, it can be your study related, it can be your marriage related or anything else that is the moment when we need someone’s opinion to help us and stand with us that is the moment when we get to take decision in our family.

There will be so many different minds which will calculate all the problems in some or the other situation and try to come up with some different ways to solve that problem this is so important thing to do in a situation of problem.

Ensuring Your Safety

Being in a joint family also makes you in contact with each and every person in the family. Looks after each and everyone if someone is facing any kind of problem or will be facing problem in future the other family member will make sure that his safety is at the priority of everyone this is the reason of being in a joint family.

External Bad Influence

We all know that the teenager of every family can go into any kind of wrong influence, he or she should be guided with all the necessary. We all need to understand that the children’s who are going to school and college need to be of safe and make sure that they are in the right influence.

Many times this happened because the mother and father both are working and they cannot look after and what kind of influence their children’s are growing that is the time when the family comes if he stays in a family he will be make sure that he is in the right influence.

Families in India

Most of the families in India have this joint family concept because they know the importance of family. But out of India there are very few number of people who love to stay in a joint family, they like to be separated after 18.

Even once they are getting married they need their own space and time to make sure that their relationship which they started is nourished very well. But in India we believe in staying together the family stays together, fight together and that is called an Indian family.

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